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  • End of the long tail?

    December 16 2010

    Google’s new instant search will make a big change to our searching behaviours. It’s now much more likely that we’ll jump in when a result appears for a short phrase before we reach the intended multi-word phrase. It’s long tail hijacking! Great for public users and the bigger players who dominate the short powerful phrases but not so good for the small guys who rely on the longer and more specific phrases. Don’t be too put off though, relevance will always pay out!

  • Easy general tips

    October 10 2009

    Just some simple general tip which are easy to do,
    1. When adding keywords to page content try to do it a natural way. Don't clump them all together.
    2. Put important content at the top of your page, Google will notice this.
    3. Spell check, sounds simple but spelling error can impact negatively.
    4. Regular updates, feed that site and keep it alive!
    5. Pick your fights wisely. If your a construction company dont pick the word 'space' as a singular keyword. That is unless you think you can do better than Nasa! Be realistic in where your time and content is best targetted to get a top result.
    6. To build Google trust you should look at your off-site strategy as much as your on-site. Who's linking into you, to what page, in what way and with what words. Very important :)

  • Conical tags

    July 07 2009

    Google penalties for repeat content has always been difficult for sites like ecommerce shops which have legitimate reasons for doing so. Google has just released new 'conical' tags which help you to manage where Google see's the destination page to be without the previous penalties and misunderstanding. This should really help the larger sites.

  • Social searching

    June 10 2009

    What I see is no longer what you will see. Google now advocates subjective searching, Java to me is web code, Java to you is a type of coffee and Google now recognises our personal differences. Will this change affect SEO strategies? yes to a degree, but it will more change our view of results. Rather than chasing rank positions we will now increasingly be looking at our traffic and conversion totals.

  • Rich media

    April 18 2009

    About time too! Google now is taking an active interest in promoting engaging sites as well as relevant sites. Hopefully this may be the end to the essay on a page approach which has been disproportionately successful over the years. Instead we can finally have our cake and eat it! Google has started to reward sites with video and flash content as being more interesting to the viewer. Hoorah!