• Michael Joins the team

    January 15 2013

    Image for Michael Joins the team

    We'd like to welcome a very enthusiastic gentleman called Michael Tierney to our creative team as a new employee. Michael has plenty of creative energy which we're sure will be a benefit for our inhouse motion graphics projects. Michael is also officially the company's tallest employee (by a fair distance too).

  • Neil joins the team

    July 05 2011

    A young gentleman called Neil has just the team as an addition to the growing development team. Neil is eager to take on the Digital Junkie challenge and brings with him solid skills in PHP development and Flash action scripting.

    He brings with him a slight leg injury but after a few weeks of rehabilitation we're sure he'll be match fit and into the action.


  • Chris joins the team

    August 25 2010

    Chris has just joined the Digital Junkie creative department as a part of our continued growth through 2010. Chris brings with him a flair for creative design, flash animation and an unwavering dedication to wearing flat caps!

  • Nick joins the team

    May 25 2010

    We're very happy to announce that Nick, a very talented PHP developer has joined the team at the Leeds office. Nick brings with him a wealth of industry experience, an infectious good humour and a thirst for a challenge. We've known Nick for many years and know that he'll be a big part of Digital Junkies future.