• Steve's crystal ball

    December 20 2010

    So what’s going to be new for 2011 in the world of web? Here’s my top five predictions, let me know what you think too.

    1. Acknowledging the physical world. Just like the Wii has remembered that we’re physical creatures the web will also start to do the same with some clever online/offline combinations as the obsession with automation calms down.

    2. We’ll begin to see more sites which are smart and entertaining adverts rather than info dumps as companies start to see their online presence more from the consumers perspective.

    3. Websites will become more concise as the marketing world becomes more confident in using the online medium.

    4. Much more video, but that’s an easy one to see!

    5. Strategy, Strategy, Strategy, this has happened in 2010 which has been great to see but I think all clients will increasingly want to know how to stimulate and convert traffic rather than looking at just building a pretty site.

  • Rudolf roast

    December 14 2010

    Image for Rudolf roast

    Rudolf’s not having such a great time in the Wychwood forest this year! Send the latest cheeky Christmas eCard to your friends but only if they like the darker humour.