• KKI refresh

    November 17 2010

    Image for KKI refresh

    As part of a annual refresh the KKI website has been given a new lick of pixel paint and is looking fit for the coming year. As well as adding new category landing pages the new look homepage has helped to push key areas of the site as part of an overall marketing health check.

  • Get recruiting

    November 16 2010

    Image for Get recruiting

    The latest online Wychwood competition is all about recruitment. Due your duty and bring taste to the nation by converting your friends over to the darkside. The converts gallery and leaderboard have already made this a hotly contested crown.

  • Ahhh the worlds running out of IP addresses!

    November 11 2010

    Scary headline but true, as everyone scrambles to get a web presence we’re not far of running out of the current IPv4 IP addresses. So should everyone panic, is the web world about to end? 

    You don’t need to stock up on tins of baked beans just yet. IPv6 IP’s are available but the IT world is typically waiting until the disaster is upon us before taking decisive action (think ie6). It will be a last minute swap with costs which will be passed onto the consumer. 

    What we should really worry about is the overdue shift in the earths magnetic poles which will bake all of our technology with the solar radiation, we’re doomed!

  • Top of the charts!

    November 08 2010

    As the Brakspear Pubs optimisation campaign nears it’s sixth month we’re proud to say that we have taken on the big boys and delivered all of our clients keyphrases in a first page position. Over half the phrases are number one which is a real achievement and making a big difference to their monthly visits. Search for any phrase with words ‘rent’ and ‘pub’ and you’ll see what we mean!